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Avoid uncertainties. Identifying, interpreting and skillfully implementing standards.

The simulation of electrical systems and components using SPICE and MATLAB SIMULINK.


Thermal management plays a key role in the technical implementation of e-mobility; whether it is ensuring a suitable temperature window for the battery cells, the active cooling of charging cable or simply creating a suitable interior climate. The aim is to make energy transformation efficient and safe, and to reduce weight and packaging in a cost-conscious manner. The key to this lies at the system level and requires innovative solutions for the components. Our customers value our many years of know-how, implemented in numerous innovative solutions and proven in the market. We appreciate to have an eye on the whole system together with vehicle manufacturers and system suppliers – across technical boundaries. 

Our Core


In recent years hardly any other segment in the automotive supplier industry has grown faster as the market for power electronics. Our experts have been dealing with it for decades. Starting with 12V applications in the range of > 1kW, over 48V applications up to the HV800 on-board power supply network. We feel familiar in these applications and combine our expertise in power semiconductors, EMC, thermal management and mechatronics for our customers. 

Due to direct contact with leading semiconductor manufacturers, our considerations often begin at the chip level. Using these opportunities as a starting point, we show our customers how to implement future requirements safely and efficiently. Not least, we focus on the integration of components in a thermally challenging environment. We transfer system requirements to the components and jointly search for the best solution in the overall concept. Our experience helps us to identify and avoid problems at an early stage. Numerous patents prove our efficiency and enable our customers to secure their USPs. 


The standardization and further development of EV charging technologies takes a central role for us. For years, we are supporting standardization of the Combined Charging Standard, bringing in our expertise in all aspects of electrical safety. We advise our customers on the standard-compliant implementation of their concept ideas and support them in conducting the tests and preparing the necessary documentation. 

Due to our in-depth knowledge of the conductive charging process and a well-established network of cooperation partners, we can help our customers quickly and efficiently. 

We pay special attention to High Power Charging. Our core competence is the knowledge of the safety aspects and protective measures for charging sessions in the range of several hundred kilowatts. 


The availability of cost-effective and reliable batteries is the key challenge of electric mobility. No other component places such high demands on the operational safety and investment confidence of the shareholders. 

Within the context of customer projects, we deal with the overall concept, particularly with regard to electrical safety and thermal operating conditions. We support our customers regarding concept validation, test set-up and advise on compliance with normative requirements and legal regulations throughout the entire life cycle; stationary as well as mobile.  


Within the European Union, the Product Safety Act regulates the minimum safety requirements for the provision of products on the market. EU directives such as the Low Voltage Directive or the EMC Directive specify basic safety requirements. Compliance with these is required by law and must be confirmed by the manufacturer through the EU Declaration of Conformity. In practice, harmonized standards are usually used on a voluntary basis. In this context, uncertainties often arise. We help to classify, analyze and document the necessary steps and thus close the gap between manufacturers and accredited test laboratories. 


No matter if it is the simulation of error scenarios in the context of safety analyses or development-related tests: the simulation of electrical systems and components using SPICE and MATLAB SIMULINK is an integral part of our development activities.

Due to our own component libraries, we are able to simulate even complex systems quickly and efficiently, for example in order to analyse the effects of residual currents on the human body.

Special attention is paid to the evaluation of y-capacitances in earthed and unearthed DC networks. Long-term experience and participation in international standardisation projects have provided us with profound knowledge of the effects of electric currents on the human body. As a consequence, we are able to provide our customers with target-oriented advice on the necessary protective measures.

We develop concepts for the mobility of tomorrow. Innovative, ecological and  economical.


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