Identifying business potential and evaluating it with technical know-how. 

From idea to functional sample: Evaluating and presenting implementation potentials. 

Developing your own product portfolio and actively shaping future markets. 

Track and analyze your product situation. Identify your risks and hazard potentials.

Ensure product safety from a functional and electrical point of view.

Understanding and successfully implementing international norms and standards.



Buzzwords such as energy transition and future mobility determine our everyday lives. You are confronted with a multitude of statements and forecasts for the future. What are the really relevant changes for your company, what can you expect, and what should you expect? Where are the starting points for further developing your own product portfolio?

The focus of our services is clearly on electromobility and future grid integration. Our extensive network, our participation in numerous working groups of leading trade associations and international standardisation committees enable us to analyse trends and classify markets. We support you with our know-how to draw the right conclusions and present them convincingly.

A realistic assessment of the competitive environment is important for its own decision-making process. We see benchmarking as an important step on the way to a new product. As external consultants, we approach the topics open minded and we also think outside the box. Benchmarking helps you to better classify your product ideas and to adjust the yardstick for future developments. This results in completely new insights and starting points for cross-sector cooperation. 


The first product ideas are ready, the presentation slides are promising? What about the implementation possibilities and how realistic is the whole business case? What about electrical safety, what is the patent situation and are there any homologation issues to consider? For long term strategy, you need answers. 

Feasibility studies are therefore a key component of our service portfolio.  

We analyze your ideas and evaluate the implementation potentials from a neutral point of view. This is by no means a static process. We enter into discussions with your experts; if required, we supplement the existing know-how with qualified partners from our own network. We analyze and optimize the ideas together as a team. On request, we can even provide functional proof of prototypes and small series. The result is convincing product designs and often also IP rights.  



The change to electrically driven vehicles and the integration of battery storage into smart grids will have a massive impact on both the automotive industry and the entire energy sector in the coming years. 

If you don’t benefit from it today, you should definitely be there tomorrow. We advise you on setting the right priorities, adjusting your future product portfolio to the requirements of the market and developing the necessary core competencies. As an independent third party, we question assessments, analyze your product strengths and search for unique selling points jointly with you. Upon request, we will actively support you in building up new competencies, especially in the areas of power electronics, high-voltage safety and digital communication. 



What hazards and risks are posed by your future product, and do they comply with the required standard of safety technology? A hazard and risk analysis provides clarity. Possible hazards are systematically identified and necessary protective measures are defined to sufficiently minimize the residual risk.

Based on CE directives and basic safety standards, we select a suitable assessment method with you and create a template tailored to your product.

Through our expert guidance, your experts will receive the appropriate support to efficiently develop the necessary documents.


Profound knowledge of the normative requirements is indispensable for product development. However, there are still questions about legal requirements, in Europe such as the Product Safety Act and the Low Voltage Directive. Regardless of whether you have the necessary tests carried out in-house or by an external service provider: We help you to classify things correctly, to differentiate between legal requirements and the voluntary application of a standard. We provide you with concrete support in selecting the applicable standards and by documenting the test results. 

 If required, a specialist lawyer will assist us with the legal aspects. 

We are involved in many ways in German, European and worldwide standardization, especially in the field of electric vehicle charging and high-voltage safety. As part of our consulting activities, we endeavor to inform our clients of possible solutions at an early stage. 



As customers approach us with product ideas or even develop them together with us, questions about electrical and functional safety come up repeatedly. Hardly any other keyword triggers so much uncertainty and concern among developers. Our experts help you to present and evaluate the facts correctly. If an EU declaration of conformity is required for your product, we support you with the necessary hazard analysis and risk assessment as well as the documentation. Together with your specialists, we coordinate and relieve your team in day-to-day business.

As a special service, we have Functional Safety engineers who are certified according to both ISO 26262 and IEC 61508. This makes it particularly easy for us to assess safety aspects that affect both the vehicle side and the stationary electrical installation.

We develop concepts for the mobility of tomorrow. Innovative, ecological and  economical.


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